You don’t need a studio for vlogging!

Hey, what studio do you use when filming your videos?


Well, for most of us, the answer has been “my livingroom” for the past year!

Vlogging from home
Jackie Arnold, Coach4executives, vlog training with The Vlog Academy
And that’s the cool thing with business vlogging on a small scale – you can do it from home or your office – the main thing is that you’re aligned with your brand and that your content is doing its job!
In fact, large studios can have pretty awful sound issues if they’re not specifically designed for video filming.
But of course when you have a professional crew, then a studio is great, you never have enough space otherwise, there are light stands, cables, sometimes even track on the floor and people everywhere. Add on makeup artists and wardrobe, props etc…
Studio filming with The Vlog Academy
Vlog filming with Zurich Insurance
When filming our clients, unless they have large a large nicely designed house or office, like Zurich International pictured above, we often rent a flat or book into a hotel somewhere quiet – like with London Meditation Centre below. It’s just a matter of finding the right style for the brand, which can be fun.
Vlog Shoot with London Meditation Centre
Of course if you’re a chef or a yoga teacher – like Anneliese Wells of Birchwood Yoga, you probably have your own space sorted already.
You should remain in that environment, unless you feel you need an upgrade to something snassier.
Vlog Shoot with Birchwood Yoga
Vlog Shoot with Birchwood Yoga

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