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Our clients love us...

‘It’s a real delight to work with Mi and her team, we’re very pleased with the services and quality of work and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

The team has filmed several service videos for us, as well as two events and many customer story videos for social media and our website.
We’re looking to hire The Vlog Academy on a quarterly basis for regular updated videos.’

Clare Williams | Streamline Surgical

‘I’ve been working with The Vlog Academy to create social media videos, event videos and email updates.

Working with Mi is much more than just having someone behind the camera; we had a long focus call before the shoot to go through what I wanted from the videos, the feeling I wanted people to have after watching them, and making sure that my message was on par with what I wanted to achieve.

I’ve now got content to go out for the rest of the year and I’m absolutely delighted.’

Karen Skidmore | Business, Life and Leadership

Our production department with a team of industry experts helps you create your professional video. We support you from start to end and we prefer to get involved as early in the process as possible to make sure you get top results.


‘I highly recommend The Vlog Academy for both course creation and social media vlogs.

I’ve done 30-40 videos with Mi. She has a stellar background, is fun and approachable to work with and keeps her eye on absolutely everything.

Mi has travelled with me and my team to London, San Diego, Morocco, Italy and Scotland to cover our events for social media, website and PR.’

Suzanne Dibble | Small Business Legal Academy.

We are always happy to have a conversation over the phone to discuss your requirements.

We tailor everything to your budget and needs.

Call us on: 01273 640045

Online Course Video Examples:

You May Wonder....

This is a tricky question to answer before we know what end-result you want.  It’s a bit like asking how much does it cost to build a house.

Do you want a hut or a castle?

The cost depends on where you are, what end product you’re after, how many people we need in the crew, what camera we film with etc.

Prices from:

Filming: from £850/day

Editing: from £300/day

Again, this is hard to answer but usually we come to your location and we film as much as we can over one day.

We like to get involved as soon as possible to make sure your videos are well structured and to the point.

We also like to prepare you, to make sure you’re your best self and know what to do on the filming day.

We can plan everything for you, book, schedule and make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you want us to work out a strategy and video plan, then we can do that.

Video Purpose:

We can help you from start to finish. In fact, we prefer to get involved as early as possible, to ensure you have complete clarity on the purpose of the video.

Script Development:

We can help you with a video strategy, develop the script and put a whole plan together.

Competitor Analysis:

We can even do a competitor analysis, to see what you’re up against, what the trends are and how you best can place your brand to get the best return on your investment.

Scheduling and Planning:

Once we’re clear on the process, we’re happy to help you schedule, plan and book. We can do a location recce, find actors or voice over artists and book hair and make up.


On the day of the shoot, we will ensure everything is agreed upon and that everyone knows exactly what will happen.

We like to keep it calm and relaxed with a positive vibe.

Post Production:

After the shoot, we can take care of the editing, add texts, animations and music and hand over the finished result.

Optimisation and Management:

Should you want to hand over the video management to us, we can ensure your videos go out on social media over a period of time. 

Let’s have a chat and see where you want us to come in!


Alpesh Patel wanted videoblogs to go out before the launch of his book “Tested”. We managed to create 24 videos in one morning, an all-time record!

Alpesh’s book was launched and became a top seller on Amazon.

We can’t deny that we are somewhat partial to clients who work with chocolate. So when Choc Chick needed recipe videos, we started a long-term relationship that has now lasted for five years and through four countries.

We worked closely with Streamline Surgical, giving them both a workshop to enable them to create their own videoblogs, as well as creating a string of professional Service and FAQ videos for their website and marketing.

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