✅  Do you want to get confident in front and behind the camera?

✅  Do you want to connect on a deeper level with your audience?

✅  Do you want to be able to batch shoot videos to drip-feed over time?

⛔️  Are you feeling tense in front of the camera?

⛔️  Are you worried about your content and structure?

⛔️  Are you at loss when it comes to tech and reaching your audience?

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All our VIP training is bespoke to maximise the outcome of our time together.

Mike and Jillian from the London Meditation Centre wanted to be able to film short informative and inspiring videos by themselves from their studio in London and New York.

We organised a one-day workshop, where we analysed their brand message, video purpose, categories, style and video persona. They got hands-on practice setting up the equipment, lights, microphones and they filmed some great videos in their own environment.

We also returned with a professional crew to film a string of videos for their marketing and client connection. We edited the final videos and created an animated logo plus texts for the videos.

“Oh my what a day! We’re exhausted but so incredibly happy, this has been absolutely amazing!” Jillian and Michael, London Meditation Centre


One of our clients, Galia Orme of Choc Chick, imports raw cacao products from South America.

Galia has made the most of our smartphone training for herself and her team, we’ve done an in-depth video strategy session, we have developed many videos and filmed recipes as well as followed her to Ecuador to film the origin of her cacao products.

“My turnover more than doubled in a year and this would not have happened without the videos.”


Streamline Surgical also wanted to learn how to create quick updates and social media videos to engage with their customers.

We organised a one-day workshop for them, where they got both an insight into why video is so powerful, how to structure their content and also how to film themselves.

As well as the training, they wanted professional videos to present their services and also explain the different procedures they perform. We have returned to film their videos and events and they’re happy clients.

We’re very pleased with the services and quality of work and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Vlog Academy. We look forward to working with Mi and the team again in the future.” Clare, Marketing Manager, Streamline Surgical


When you’re a teenager and your parents own a shopping mall, the world is really your oyster.

Sarisha came to London and spent a day with Mi to learn how to create her own haul videos (shopping videos) and how to upload them to her YouTube channel, which we created for her.

With strict guidance regarding internet safety and consent from her parents, we uploaded videos and as you can imagine, Sarisha was soon gaining thousands of hits on her videos.

“This is so much fun! I love clothes and I just want to talk about it all day!” Sarisha