Vlog Academy Awards 2023 presentation

The annual Vlog Academy Awards were held during the first ever Speak Up Woman! event in Hove on the 13th December 2023.

The Awards are not about vanity metrics – such as most video views or a million YouTube followers – it’s a celebration of courage, for speaking up, and for showing up to support other people.

The EyeStorm Award recognises a woman who is giving outstanding support to other women.

The awards embrace positive change, equality, sustainability and diversity.

Kat Swift OMG Matcha tea
The Vlogger of the year Award 2023:

Kat Swift of OMGTEA

For letting go over her fear of speaking to the camera and her determination to build up consistency in her flow of videos to get her business more visible online.

Kat has a holistic approach and commitment to creating products to boost people’s health, whilst donating a portion of the company’s profits to The Healthy Life Foundation, who in turn will invest this into critical and amazing research projects, as well as helping the kelp in Sussex.

Sarah Rees Evans winner of Vlog Academy Award 2023 photo
Vlog Academy Award:

Sarah Rees Evans of the Chronic Fatigue Academy

Can you believe that this photo we took in June is one of the first photos Sarah’s family has ever seen of her? She didn’t have single photo of herself. She’s made an incredible breakthrough in her confidence and the unblocking of her fears of being visible and you can now see her regularly both in videos and photos!

Her own experience in burnout and Chronic Fatigue is now her expertise and she helps other people back on track.


Lucy Hall, Digital Women, Winner EyeStorm Award, image
EyeStorm Award:
Lucy Hall of Digital Women

Lucy is someone who’s been putting all her energy and brains into Digital Women for several years now – a supportive platform for over 80,000 women in the digital industries, where women can access valuable content, share their stories, and connect with like-minded individuals to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that come with living and working in the digital age.

It’s her turn to be awarded for all the hard work she’s putting in for other women!

Clive Bonny, Award winner 2023 photo
Man Owl Award:
Clive Bonny Consult SMP

Clive is one of the real HeForShe champions we need in our society to create gender equality. With his work to create support and awareness around the appalling statistics of funding and investment in women, is honourable and essential for us to see change.

In the EyeStorm Women UK, the team members are called “Owls”, hence the Owl Award!

This year’s other nominees were:

Alison Wilkins of Brighton Wellbeing

Alice Clover of The Farting Feminist

Nina Khoo, coaching for sensitive women