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About The Vlog Academy

Welcome to The Vlog Aademy!

We work with business owners who want to increase their online visibility and be seen as the go-to expert in their field.

With one training department and one professional video production department, The Vlog Academy has been said to be the most comprehensive vlog institution in Europe.

We now teach entrepreneurs as well as global companies and academies to use video to establish themselves as experts and to communicate better with their teams, reach a larger audience and connect on a deeper level with their clients.

Our training is inspiring, fun and interactive, leaving participants feeling boosted and encouraged to take action.

Our video production teams are bespoke and adaptable to your budget and needs.

About Mi Elfverson

Hi, I’m Mi, founder of The Vlog Academy.

I started my career in film and TV over 25 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden, after completing studies at Stockholm Film School, New York Film Academy and New York University.

After many years of freelancing in high-end film and TV, working with award winning international companies on everything from Kellogg’s and Volvo commercials to Bond films and other Hollywood blockbusters, I set up The Vlog Academy.

As a producer, videographer, photographer and vlog coach, my experienced eye will see everything from the camera angle and light set-up, to what steps you need take to be more authentic and aligned with your brand.

I absolutely love seeing people crack through their barriers of fear and start enjoying the video process, getting their wanted result and being more visible online.