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Autumn restore session
Autumn restore session


Time: 9.30-12.30pm

PRICE: £95

Location: Birchwood Yoga Studio

Burtenshaw Farm, Spithurst Road, Barcombe, East Sussex BN8 5EE


Let us help you relax your mind and body and allow you to step into your ultimate flow to support and energise you.

Together with 3 x diverse coaches, you’ll build up confidence and resilience, release you physical and mental blocks and get clarity on your path forward.
We want to support you to get through the darker hours of autumn and winter, so you can keep thriving and enjoying your own energy to create a successful business and everyday life for yourself and your family.


If you’re feeling stressed, anxious and suffering from blocks and brain fog, this autumn session will help you build up strength and resilience.

Working from the inside out, in a group of supportive and loving women in a beautiful space surrounded by nature will make you thrive.

Relax & Restore


The first part is run by Anneliese in her gorgeous yoga studio among the greens. This session is all about calming your system, allowing your body to rest and start building up a more resilient constitution. Anneliese will guide you through some relaxing postures and breathing technique to boost your physical energy and clear your mind, something you can take home and do in your own time.

Stepping Forward


Mi is normally guiding her clients in front of the camera, but today we will work on your internal confidence and access your deeper blocks to release them and build up long-term confidence and pride in what you do. During her Deep Focus Session, you’ll remove all “musts” and get access to your own authenticity and creative power. You’ll come out with new thoughts, ideas and trust in yourself.

Walk & Talk


Judith will take us on a guided walk in the stunning surrounding fields and woods. Walking together in nature, expanding on your new ideas and purpose with a safe sounding board, will give you clarity and strengthened confidence to make changes and take action when you return.

Please prepare for all weather, there’s no bad weather, only wrong clothes!

This session is limited to maximum 6 people so book your space now!

Anneliese Wells, yoga teacher



In my 10 years experience as a Yoga Therapist and teacher, I have witnessed an overwhelming explosion of stress amongst women at mid-life.  

I believe that yoga, mindfulness and nature are powerful resources to help reset our reactive nervous systems.

I help women to recognise when they are in need of greater self care and arm them with practices to manage overwhelm and restore equilibrium.

Through my training I have been skilled with tools that play a vital role in my own daily life alongside a deep rooted need to immerse myself in nature; all of which help me to find much needed stillness.

My work not only benefits your physical and mental health but resources you to take what you learn on the mat into your daily life so you can live it to the full.



After 25 years in high-end TV and film production, I started The Vlog Academy to teach business owners how to create their own videos. But I soon saw that women needed their own support platform. They had different questions, different fears, different needs.

My visibility programme for women in business, EyeStorm, was born.

I now support thousands of people to communicate better on video, get more confident in front of the camera and connect on a deeper level with a larger audience.

I employ a holistic practice in my teaching, to build up confidence from the inside, discovering where your blocks come from, so we can release them and move forward with ease.

Judith Rayner, Autumn release coach



I bring my years of experience in training, mentoring, coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), together, with a passion for walking and nature, to help women develop themselves and their business, in balance.

If you’re running your own business, then YOU are the heart of it – and if you are not ‘ok’ then neither is your business. Real time out of the ‘busy’ is essential.

I want every aspiring businesswoman to have choice, be empowered and most importantly, to be fully supported in their journey to success. Trying to do it alone doesn’t work and quite frankly, it’s hard.

Getting away from your desk and the social media noise to immerse yourself in nature is important, to access a deeper level of your own creativity and the wisdom you possess inside.

This session is limited to maximum 6 people so book your space now!

Anneliese Wells, yoga teacher
“Anneliese is warm, gentle and respectful. The Yoga has been a revelation. I’m learning to listen to and respect my body and work with it rather than force it into submission. What you see on arrival is stunning; the studio among the greenery of the countryside, light and airy and often with birdsong in the background.”
restore body and mind
Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach
"Working with Mi would suit anyone who is thinking of, or is in the early stages of setting up their own business, and looking for accountability, safe guidance and endless cheerleading. Anyone struggling with business blocks, especially around visibility and videoing, doing lives. Mi is an amazing teacher, I can't recommend her highly enough!!"
restore body and mind
Sarah ReeseEvans
Childhood Trauma Energy Mindset Specialist
Judith Rayner, Walk and Talk therapy
“Had to share. Took myself out for a walk with virtual Judith. Listened, took notes and went home. What I achieved: very clear head, masses of ideas, I updated my website – something I needed to do for about 4 years!
So yes, a HUGE success. I can see this working incredibly well for me.”
Linda Johnstone Founder - Linda Johnstone Photography
Linda Johnston
Founder - Linda Johnstone Photography