✅  Do you want your team or staff to start using video?

✅  Do you want to connect better across boarders

✅  Do you want to share information and updates with your team?

⛔️  Is fear of the camera set-up stopping your team?

⛔️  Are you worried your staff will talk too much?

⛔️  Is it hard for your managers to find time to connect with their team?


Video is crushing all other forms of communication – it’s replacing one dimensional sales calls, it’s the leader in online advertising and it’s taking over as a conference tool.

The Vlog Academy will give a fun, interactive workshop to train your staff or team to produce simple videos with their smartphones.

The aim is to inspire them to start creating more engaging content and connect on a deeper level with their team or clients.

Examples on how to use video:

  • Facilitating transition and change 
  • Sharing Information and Research
  • Explainer videos
  • Team updates
  • Top Tips
  • Event Invites
  • Updates
  • Newsletters
  • Engaging social media post
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How do we work?

Your Purpose and Goal
Step 1
We start with a conversation to get an understanding of your video needs and the purpose of the workshop.

You know your team and their target audience, we know how to connect them.

We work out what your staff or team needs from us to get going.

Your Purpose and Goal
The Delivery
Step 2
We discuss the amount of time your group needs with us and what structure would work best for you, eg a one-off workshop or a series of session, online training or a bit of both.
The Delivery
Where and How
Step 3
We look at what dates work for you and your team and decide on location.

We can use your boardroom and breakout space, or we can arrange the venue for you.

Where and How
The Training
Step 4
We carefully check off the finalised workshop plan so we know we've got everything covered before we meet the group.

If it's several sessions, we keep your group accountable and analyse progress and result so we keep them moving towards the goal.

The Training
Follow Up
Follow Up
We do a follow up call and survey after the training to make sure your staff is on track.

You might want to book in further training or accountability online, eg the 5-day Vlock Buster, our amazing video challenge with feedback.

Follow Up

The workshops are bespoke and we tailor them to your specific needs to ensure we make the most of our time together.


Part 1)

  • Purpose and outcome
  • Why video is so powerful
  • Who’s your audience
  • Video categories
  • Camera Confidence
  • Storytelling and Video structure

Practice being in front of the camera and filming each other in pairs

Part 2) Setting up

  • Equipment options
  • Composition
  • Backdrops and environment
  • Brand integration
  • How to use the equipment

We test different, very simple, camera, light and microphone set-ups

Part 3) Sharing your video

  • How to manage your video file
  • Editing your video on your smartphone
  • Adding titles and logo
  • Tagging and Sharing

Get More with Our 5-Day Vlock Buster

Our 5-Day Vlock Buster is our favourite way to follow up after a workshop, to get you relaxed in front of the camera and feel confident about setting up the equipment on your own.

It’s all done online and we give daily feedback on your set video tasks.

Half-day from:

10 people
Your Venue
Presentation as PDF
Equipment List

Half-day from:

20 people
Presentation as PDF
Equipment List


"The workshop with Mi and her team was the highlight of our sales conference. It was fun, engaging but most of all we all now use video with our customers to help explain our offering or generate leads. It’s really made an impact to how we go to market"
Mathew Buskell
“We had so much fun at the workshop! We did practical work on set up, lighting, composition and got lots of practice. We are now beginning to produce our own video content and I am confident the standards we set will be upheld. I would highly recommend The Vlog Academy.”
Helen Venables
House of Colour
"Great day today, just exploring working with video and presenting ourselves. Collectively we've had a fantastic, interactive day, which is a key element of learning, so kudos and congratulations to our trainer, Mi, and The Vlog Academy, it's been a brilliant day."
Nick Mennell
Willmott Dixon