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Vlog Academy Nominations 2022


Every year we want to reward the brave people who are expanding their comfort zone by stepping forward in front of the camera to share their knowledge and expertise.

We reward those who want to make a difference in our world, the aspiring thought leaders, change makers and promoters of good. 

They don’t have to be mega stars, in fact, we prefer the budding and brave do-gooders who deserve to be mentioned, to encourage them to continue to grow, inspire and entertain their audiences.

This year the public has been nominating people for the ‘Vlogger of the Year Award 2022’ and a jury will select a winner.

We also give out the EyeStorm Award to a woman who has worked to support other women, and the Vlog Academy Award to an ambitious vlogger within the Vlog Academy community.

The winners will be announced at the Vlog Academy Awards on Thursday the 1st Dec 7-11pm at Hixon Green in Hove.

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Ela Sanghera

Helen Zeida

Crystal Jukes

Adi Latif

Viv Lambert

Nicky Chisholm

Debbie Stevens

Sarah Buchanan-Smith

Kate Henwood