Vlog Academy Awards 2022

Vlog Academy Award Winners 2022

The Vlog Academy Awards is my favourite event of the year!
Thank you all for coming! And the winners… what amazing troopers! 💥

Winner of this years VLOG ACADEMY AWARD goes to Crystal Jukes, Marketing and Mindset coach from Swansea, Wales – congratulations! 🎉

Crystal has stretched her comfort zone and has found a beautiful space in vlogging on her topic, where she is creative, feels authentic and confident while supporting other women to thrive:


Our VLOGGER OF THE YEAR was nominated by the public and the winner was selected by our three judges, Janey Lee Grace, 25 years as BBC Radio 2 hostess and her own awards, Imperfectly Natural and Happy Healthy Sober, Vas Ddzhagalov, our editor in chief, and our previous EyeStorm Award winner Louisa Featherstone

The judges unanimously voted for:

Adi Latif

The jury said:

‘Adi Latif is very relatable and a brilliant role model and ‘voice’ for anyone with disabilities. His vlog really made me think how hard it must be, to do the stuff we take for granted. I hope ‘big tech’ call him in to consult!’

‘I really connected with Adi’s warm presenting style and subtle humour on an otherwise serious and important topic. His review of airline apps shines a critical light on accessibility issues for blind people, and will hopefully be a catalyst for change in the aviation industry.’

Here’s Adi’s biggest video:


And finally, our EYESTORM to most supportive woman in our community goes to:

Kate Henwood

Who’s also found confidence in front of the camera and prefers to jump on Facebook live rather than writing a post now – but also, who’s always there for everyone, come rain come shine, with a helping hand and supportive mind. Thank you Kate for being there for so many!

We look forward to seeing all the new aspiring vloggers in 2023!

Mi 🥂

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