I feel blessed to have worked with Mi!

Don't hesitate to work with Mi, she's just fantastic!

Vlog training VIP

Mi is super knowledgeable, technically skilled, yet fun!

The sessions are so helpful, I feel I have much more clarity.


PRICE £1,250
Includes: Calls, Tutorials, Workbook, Tasks, Video Feedback

Content Creation Week

Tailored to your needs


Get full clarity on your visual path forward - together we'll have a look at what your target audience needs, where you can reach them and what your most important content is for them.


The 5-Day "Vlock Buster" is the quickest way to get more comfortable both in front and behind the camera.


We'll draft a plan for you that you can easily follow without having to feel locked into a complex structure.

Let's make it work for YOU!

You can choose to work together for a month and over several months to ensure you stay on track and have regular accountability and feedback.

Introduction Focus call (1,5hr):

We get an overview of your business and brand, target audience, your current social media platforms, assets and experience, and what you want to achieve.

Online training courses

Full access to the online course “Ultimate Crash Course in Videoblogging”.

These courses are straight forward and you’ll cruise through them in a couple of hours.

5 x Day “Vlock Buster”

This is a video practice with direct feedback on each of your videos, so you can enhance them step by step. This practice is very effective and people usually break through their fears or vlog blocks (“Vlocks”) after only three days.

You get a task every day for five working days and you respond with a 2-minute video. This video assignment will take you from 10-30min to complete.

1Hr Content Development Call:

We create an outline of your most powerful content categories, work out a shortlist of video titles and a timeline.

4 x Further 1Hr Accountability Calls:

You can choose how often you would like to have your four accountability calls; once a week for a month, or once a month for four months.

Visual Feedback:

Feedback on 6 x pieces of Visual Content – this could be videos you have recorded, Social Media posts, portraits or other content.


6 x months free membership of the Rise&Shine programme (women only)

Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach

PRICE £1,250
Includes: Calls, Tutorials, Workbook, Tasks, Video Feedback


✅  Our calls will usually last around an hour and are scheduled in advance. If you find it hard to create time, we can do a lot via email.

✅  The online training modules are quick and you’ll sail through them in a couple of hours.

✅  For the “Vlock Buster”, you’ll get weekly tasks emailed you you at 8am(GMT) every Monday morning, but there are no set calls or times. You can do the video response in your own time during the week. There will be two tasks the first week, then one a week.

✅  You’re expected to complete each video task before the end of each week to allow time for feedback to be provided. You can then adjust and improve for the next week’s task.

✅  Your video response needs to be a maximum of 2 minutes long, but will take you 10-20min per week to film (depending on how much effort you want to put in!)

✅  The worksheets will take 10-15min to complete each week, again, it depends on where you are at and where you want to get to.

✅  It’s your responsibility to ensure you finish your weekly tasks and complete all tasks and calls within the duration of the agreed timeframe.



"Like many other Gen-X women I was neither comfortable nor confident in front of a camera, and knew that I needed some help to create video content that would engage and connect with my potential customers. And WOW, did the Vlock Buster course give me that help. I came away from the course feeling comfortable and more at ease at being in front of the camera than I ever thought possible"

"I have just watched a video I made in week two of the course and realised that it was the first time I have seen myself on film and liked it! That was a significant milestone and proved to me how far I have come in such a short space of time.... and I owe it all to Mi."

"I really needed to become more confident in front of the camera and wanted to get more visible online. The Vlock Buster is fun and supportive without being pushy and I felt I improved quickly on all levels."

I look forward to working with  you.