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Business owner, manager, teacher, researcher, coach or charity – if you need to take your expertise online, this short introduction course will get you set up and ready to go!

In this short and concise course you will get an introduction to everything you need to get set up for creating a video recording from home, your office or your workshop.

I will show you exactly what you need and how to set things up, if it’s for a Zoom conference, training videos, Linkedin, YouTube or other social media videos.

I will give you some tools and tips on how to get more relaxed in front of the camera and how to connect better with your audience.

This is an online course that you can do in your own time, wherever you are.

This course is perfect to send out to your conference delegates who now need to go on video instead of the stage.

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Contact: [email protected] 

This is an absolutely brilliant course. It was just what I needed to move from complete beginner to someone with the knowledge and ability to set up and film with confidence. The information is in bite-sized chunks, which was perfect to digest. It is delivered in a clear, concise way and each step builds on the last. It takes you through everything you need to know. I feel like I have learnt so much and the little tips and tricks are so helpful. I was really stuck and avoiding filming before I did this course, now I can see that it is possible for me to make quality films and use them in my business. I am really happy I decided to go for this - it's worth every penny and more! Thank you Mi for everything.
Founder • The Boost Project
We wanted to prepare our PhD students for a conference which had to move online due to the Corona pandemic and we offered them the Vlog Academy course. While filming their videos, which was a new experience for most of them, the course helped them with the setup and allowed them to move forward to a higher quality video. I can highly recommend the course to other scholars who need to adapt their presentations when communication goes digital.
Charlotte Löfqvist
Associate Professor, Lund University, Sweden
Fantastic course. Loved the simple tips, tools and videos that Mi walks you through. I'd definitely recommend this course. Thanks Mi!
Sarah Rees-Evans
Sarah Happiness Life Coach

Camera setups, Equipment, Confidence and Structure

Camera Set-up

Learn how to create a simple studio in your own environment


Enhance your videos by using a few simple pieces of equipment


Tips on how to get relaxed both in front and behind the camera


Hook your viewers and grow a larger audience that stays tuned



What do you need to get started?

Work on your smartphone, computer or a digital camera – no experience needed.

This is for beginners as well as those who need to know a bit more about equipment, setup and getting relaxed in front of the camera.