Gosh - that was more than I expected!

This instantly gave me the clarity I needed - brilliant!

Vlog training VIP

This MOT is exceptional - everyone should do it.

I feel so enthusiastic and motivated now

A 75minute focus session on Zoom with Mi Elfverson, founder of The Vlog Academy

When did you last have your online brand presence checked?

Let me be your second pair of eyes with my brand knowledge and visual expertise and we’ll run my visibility MOT to investigate what you can enhance, what needs to shift and if there’s anything that needs urgent attention.


Content Creation Week

Why do you need an MOT?


Get full clarity on your visual path forward - we'll have a look at your website and social media accounts to see what can be enhanced


Let's analyse your purpose and goals to help you feel confident that you're not wasting your time and money on things that don't work


We'll look at your brand to ensure you're showing up in a consistent way on your website and across all your marketing platforms.

Headlights on YOU!

Mi Elfverson
Founder of The Vlog Academy

After 25 years in high-end TV and video production, working on everything from Volvo and Kellogg’s commercials to James Bond and Happy Potter films, I started The Vlog Academy.

I now support thousands of people to communicate better on video, get more confident in front of the camera and connect on a deeper level with a larger audience.

Authenticity is at the heart of everything, but doesn’t exclude fun and I absolutely love seeing people crack through their barriers of fear and start talking about their passion, getting their wanted result and being more confident.

The MOT is the quickest way to get on the right track and ensure you’re not wasting your time.

I’d love to help you get going!

Learn Vlogging

Introduction MOT call (75min)

We get an overview of your business and brand, target audience, your current social media platforms, assets and experience, and what you want to achieve.

When you book, you’ll be asked to supply some details, including your website, your most important social media accounts and anything else that is important for me to be aware of to get an overview of your business and brand.

Please rest assured that I will not judge you. The reason you’ll contact me is probably because you need a bit of help. So let’s just take it step by step, no pushy marketing tactics or full on strategy suggestions unless that’s what you’re after.

After our session, you can continue working with us if you feel you need further support. 

We can offer further one-off sessions, or regular support over several months to ensure you stay on track and have  accountability and get feedback.

We’ll decide on the best way forward after our MOT session.

Further assistance could be:

Bespoke Brand strategy


Social Media design and/or management

Videoblog training

and more


"Like many other Gen-X women I was neither comfortable nor confident in front of a camera, and knew that I needed some help to create video content that would engage and connect with my potential customers. And WOW, did the Vlock Buster course give me that help. I came away from the course feeling comfortable and more at ease at being in front of the camera than I ever thought possible"

"I have just watched a video I made in week two of the course and realised that it was the first time I have seen myself on film and liked it! That was a significant milestone and proved to me how far I have come in such a short space of time.... and I owe it all to Mi."

"I really needed to become more confident in front of the camera and wanted to get more visible online. The Vlock Buster is fun and supportive without being pushy and I felt I improved quickly on all levels."