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Online Visibility programme for women in Business

Rise&Shine Vlog Course

The ultimate accountability programme for women in business who want to be seen and heard online.


1: Six super powered video training modules to help you get confident both in front and behind the camera (or your smartphone!), find clarity and new ideas for your visual content and help you raise the quality of your online videos.

2: A supportive Facebook group with direct support, weekly social media post inspiration, Share Days for feedback, Power Hours and Deep Focus Sessions directly with Mi Elfverson, founder of The Vlog Academy.

I feel blessed to have worked with Mi!

By far the best investment for your business you can do.

Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach

I 100% recommend this course!

I’ve been paying for many world class programmes but this is the one I’ve kept.


Become at ease with video and create pro results without the cost of a film crew


Get full clarity on what content works for your brand and create a simple content plan


Build up better consistency with weekly tasks and regular focus sessions


Hello and welcome! 

I’m Mi Elfverson, creator of the Rise&Shine programme. I’m also the founder of The Vlog Academy and the UK Country Chair of the G100 Media, Arts & Communication – so visual media is really at my heart!

The Rise&Shine programme is my powerful group for women in business who want to be seen and heard online, grow their following and gain more clients. I’d like to say I create experts. Because when you follow my tips and tools, you will place yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

This programme is suitable for you as a small business owner, coach or consultant – and anyone who wants to build up their online presence and gain more clients.

•   Do you know you need to be more visible online with video to grow your business, but it’s just not happening?

•  Are you tired of endlessly trying to come up with relevant posts for your social media accounts?

•   Do you feel a bit lonely in your own business?

•   Do you want to get some feedback on your work and revive the engagement on your posts?

•   Do you want to find a better structure with regular focus sessions to keep you on track?

If yes – join me in Rise&Shine today!


This course doesn't take time, it creates time!

Purpose and Result

The first part of the course is about the power of video as a marketing tool, but we also look at your purpose and goals. We make sure you build up your confidence and know how to create valuable and relevant content to appeal to your target audience and make them want to come back for more.

Camera Equipment

We go through all the most important and cost effective equipment so you can raise the quality of your own videos at home or in your office – you can even start on your smartphone. I demonstrate setups and lighting technique. We look at your body language and voice, video formats, crops and editing.

Content Optimisation

I will cover all the parts you need to be able to optimise your content, videos and channels to reach more people and to gain more clients. You get simple work sheets where you build up and create your own easy-to-follow plan and you get weekly inspiration and gentle nudges to follow through.

Are you ready to Rise&Shine?
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Confidence training


Strengthen your confidence, establish your Video Avatar and Visual Persona.
Understand the true power of video, algorithms and human psychology and how to make it work for you in a really simple way.

Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach


Cameras, Lights, Audio, Backdrops.
How to film videos without a crew, set light, use a microphone, camera positioning - all without any geekiness or high costs so you can do it yourself.

Vlog training with The Vlog Academy


Audience and Camera Connection, Composition, Personal Power tools.
Creating your own home studio and setup to enjoy creating regular videos without spending a fortune on a studio location.

Video Content strategy


What content works, Video Categories and The Scientifically proven way to hook your audience so they come back for more.

Video Strategy and planning


Video planning, the Ultimate Vlog Structure, The Psychological journey of your video. Stories, IGTV, Reels.... what, where, how?

Vlog Crash course parts


Brand consistency, Audience retention, Editing, YouTube introduction, Automation
Hashtags, Keywords, creating a video ident.

Are you ready to step up and make things happen now?

LOU FEATHERSTONE For RubyMoon Gym to Swim

I’m utterly thrilled I signed up to Mi’s course, I’m so thankful to her, it’s made me super motivated to get vlogging! Within two weeks of starting it, I had a whole new business, LuinLuLand, and was taking bookings!

The programme is so easy to follow, clear instructions and it really has opened up my eyes to a whole new world – thank you! I can’t recommend this course enough, it’s definitely worth the journey and the effort!

Lou Featherstone


This would suit anyone who is thinking of, or is in the early stages of setting up their own business, and looking for accountability, safe guidance and endless cheerleading. Anyone struggling with business blocks, especially around visibility and videoing, doing lives - Mi is an amazing teacher, I can't recommend her highly enough!!

Sara Reeves Evans, Childhood Trauma Energy Mindset Specialist.


Keeping up with social media marketing on top of your own work can feel exhausting in the long run. You end up posting random stuff because you know you need to stay visible, but there's very little engagement, no energy, no new followers and no new clients.

Join the Rise & Shine member’s group and get inspiration and valuable content ideas to post every week, Emailed straight to your inbox!


We meet online on the 1st Monday of the month at 12 noon (UK time).

I’ll go through the monthly theme with you and bring you in for discussions and questions. We go through your latest Focus Sheet and plan the next month ahead. This will help you select the most important points to focus on in your business and your social media presence, see what worked and what perhaps didn’t work so well, analyse why, so you can enhance and progress. We finish off with the Deep Focus Session*.


You have direct access to Mi Elfverson (founder of The Vlog Academy) and several other Expert Members in the Facebook group, so you can always ask questions there.

On Wednesdays, you can share your content with the group and get their support when you’ve made something public.

The group members can click on the posts, comment and support each other for increased engagement.


I’ve done training with some of the best in the world, but The Vlog Academy’s programme is the one I’ve stayed with. The ongoing social media prompts, tasks and lessons week after week are INVALUABLE.

The course portal jam-packed with evergreen training is again so so helpful, honestly this program is more than worth every pence! I promise to make you proud Mi whenever I say you have been my coach and ARE my mentor.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Carla Armour

Pilates Teacher and Business Coach

The DEEP FOCUS SESSION is an invitation to surrender to the moment, go within and connect with your inner guidance and intuition to align with your next step...


Email: [email protected]

I look forward to working with you in the programme!

Mi Elfverson Course Tutor and Founder of The Vlog Academy

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