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Thur 12th January 2023

7-8pm (GMT)

Price: Free

Location: Zoom


Mission board session

It’s high time to have a good look at where and what you really want to be in 2023 (and beyond)!

Combine your wildest dreams and realistic goals in this Mission Board session, where we spend a creative hour together on Pinterest, mapping out your year and future, in images.

It’s creative, a bit of fun and can actually be really powerful!

Do you have hopes, dreams, visions of where you want to be? Then let’s lay them out in images so you know you’re on the right track.

If you don’t have any idea – then this can be really helpful for you to discover a lot of new possibilities and set your intentions.

How does it work?

Open up your Pinterest account so you’re up and running before we start. Set up a new board called ‘My Mission Board 2023’.​​​

We join in my Zoom Room at 7pm on Thursday evening UK time. You’ll get the link when you sign up.

I’ll give you access to a string of ready-made Pinterest boards for you to dive into via a link I’ll send you just before we start plus I’ll add it to the chatbox, then you can add and tailor images to create your own Mission Board 2023 from there.

I’ll talk you through what we’re doing and I’ll show you how to navigate.

Select the images you feel you resonate with and add them to your own boards to create a final personalised Mission Board. This will give you an overview of which direction you want to take this year, what you want You and your personal brand to look like, and where your focus should be.

Requirements: Pinterest Account and ability to navigate and save images to your board.

I’ll see you Thursday night on Zoom!

You’ll be sent a Zoom link when you register.

Mi Elfverson, Confidence Coach



Creator of EyeStorm
Founder of The Vlog Academy

UK Chair of G100 Media Arts & Communication

After 25 years in high-end TV and film production, I started The Vlog Academy to teach business owners how to create their own videos.

I soon noticed that women needed their own support platform. They had different questions, different fears blocks and needs.

My visibility programme for women in business was born, EyeStorm, where I employ a holistic practice in my teaching, to build up confidence from the inside.

Vee Perano







Law of Attraction Life Coach

Vee is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and trained Holistic Therapist with over 20 years of experience.

Using a unique holistic approach, Vee creates personalised coaching sessions, working closely with her clients who are ready to take action, working through limiting beliefs in order to manifest and achieve success in any area of their life

Vee will join us to explain a little bit about how the law of attraction works, in a very non-woo woo kind of way, how to apply it to your goal setting and get focus on what you really want in life.