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The EyeStorm Visibility programme is here to boost your confidence, keep you on track and
make your brand stand out in an authentic way!

Join any time and get all the benefits

Training module and group connections In the Circle app.


Build up your confidence, social media consistency and creative joy with expert coaching in a group of warm-hearted women.

I’m Mi Elfverson, Founder of The Vlog Academy and EyeStorm Women UK.

I will hold you accountable in a gentle way, with weekly check-ins and group-shares where you can share your social media posts for more engagement. We have monthly live group calls where you can air your concerns, connect and get feedback and support when your energy is dropping.

Get started with smartphone video and images for social media in a fun and non-geeky way, to share your passion and expertise online while staying authentic and aligned with your values.

This is not just a business programme, this is a holistic growth platform for you, you confidence and your brand.

Digital Women Award 2022

Winner of Best Women Led Community

By far the best investment for your business you can do!
 I always feel I’ve achieved when I work with Mi.

I feel blessed to have worked with Mi!
The learning is a great mix of fun and challenge to keep us sharp.

Digital Women Winner Mi Elfverson

I 100% recommend the EyeStorm programme!
Mi knows her subject inside out and her training will give you the confidence you need.

I’ve been paying for many world class programmes but this is the one I’ve kept - I can't recommend it highly enough!

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Mi Elfverson FRSA
Creator of EyeStorm Women UK
Video Producer, Brand Photographer and Vlog Coach

Founder of The Vlog Academy

Winner of Digital Women’s
‘Best Woman Led Community’
Award 2022

CPD Social Media Certified

Receiver of WEF Exceptional Women of Excellence Award
UN Women UK Delegate

Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach

Hey there and welcome to EyeStorm Wiz – the online visibility programme for women entrepreneurs!

My name is Mi Elfverson, I’m a video producer and photographer originally from Sweden, but I moved from Stockholm to New York, then London and I now live in Brighton (or Hove actually!).

EyeStorm started as a passion project, but has grown to a full blown award winning community with training, events and over a thousand members. I pour all my energy and expertise in to support women who want to be invincible instead of invisible.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you run your own business these days. You often need to do so much more than your actual job; strategy, graphic design, marketing, networking, filming videos, posting regularly on social media…

Perhaps it feels like you never have complete control of your business and your goals are constantly slipping. It can feel lonely, intimidating and sometimes upsetting. You know you probably could do this – but it doesn’t ever get done properly and that makes you feel a bit rubbish.

It’s easier with someone there to support you, on all fronts, but how are you going to afford to hire all these people to help you?

EyeStorm Wiz is your very cost effective way to invest in your business to achieve clarity, confidence and get things done – with joy!

I’m here by your side, to guide you towards clarity and consistency, to encourage you to be braver, break down your blocks and to release your fears. I’ll support you on a weekly basis to drive your business forward, amplify your brand and improve affinity online – without losing your soul. I’ll give you inspiration, suggestions, feedback and connect you with other fabulous business women.

You will find the group and the training videos in the Circle app, which is very much like Facebook – but much better.

Welcome to EyeStorm Wiz.



Become more confident speaking about what you do and learn how to create your own training and social media videos without the cost of a film crew


Get full clarity on your brand values and create a purposeful plan and content structure that works for you in a really simple and authentic way


Build up better consistency with prompts, inspiration and accountability. With monthly Zoom meetings, you can get feedback and be part of a fab group of women

EyeStorm WIZ is an award winning coaching programme for women,
where you will find support, ideas and focus on your own brand,
as well as a vibrant group of other women entrepreneurs.


Vlog Training
Prompts and Focus Sessions
Monthly Zoom Calls

+PRO version with private coaching and video support,
such as editing, strategy or graphic design.

I’ve done training with some of the best in the world, but The EyeStorm programme is the one I’ve stayed with. The ongoing social media prompts, tasks and lessons week after week are INVALUABLE.

The course portal jam-packed with evergreen training is again so so helpful, honestly this program is more than worth every pence! I promise to make you proud Mi whenever I say you have been my coach and ARE my mentor.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Carla Armour

Pilates Teacher and Business Coach

Zoom calls for accountability, image
Accountability Call

Every first Monday of the month at 12 noon (UK Time) we do a check-in and accountability call.

Here you get to meet Mi and the group, state your intent for the month, get inspiration, new ideas and feedback on your current plan and ideas.
Content Inspiration

Every first Monday of the month, you'll receive an Email with a Prep sheet and content inspiration.

You'll get weekly Focus Prompts in the group and you can ask questions, share concerns, ideas and get feedback.

The Accountability calls will keep you on track and make sure you stay focused.
Social Share Day

Wednesdays are our Share Days, when you can share a link to any social media post, blog or vlog you've posted during the week, so the group can like and comment to create more engagement.
Video Training card
Training Videos
Online Course

The online training runs alongside with evergreen content for you to view any time it suits you. You can access these in the Circle space too as soon as you sign up.
Training Videos
EyeStorm +PRO
Personal Support

EyeStorm +PRO (Private Retainer Option) is the dedicated personal coaching option, where you can talk about your own strategy, create a bespoke plan for your brand, get feedback on your videos and visual content - or - choose to get practical things done for you at a professional standard, such as video editing or graphic design.

You can choose any amount of time a month, from one hour, and you'll always have agreed on the time spent in advance.
EyeStorm +PRO

Anyone struggling with business blocks, especially around visibility, videoing and doing lives - Mi is an amazing teacher, I can't recommend her highly enough!!

Sara Reeves Evans, Childhood Trauma Energy Mindset Specialist.


Video Content strategy


What content works, Video Categories and The Scientifically proven way to hook your audience so they come back for more.

Video Strategy and planning


Video planning, the Ultimate Vlog Structure, The Psychological journey of your video. Stories, IGTV, Reels.... do I really have to?

Vlog Crash course parts


Brand consistency, Audience retention, Editing, YouTube introduction, Automation
Hashtags, Keywords, creating a video ident.

Confidence training


Strengthen your confidence, establish your Video Avatar and Visual Persona.
Understand the true power of video, algorithms and human psychology and how to make it work for you in a really simple way.

Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach


Cameras, Lights, Audio, Backdrops.
How to film videos without a crew, set light, use a microphone, camera positioning - all without any geekiness or high costs so you can do it yourself.

Vlog training with The Vlog Academy


Audience and Camera Connection, Composition, Personal Power tools.
Creating your own home studio and setup to enjoy creating regular videos without spending a fortune on a studio location.



Yes, weekly focus emails, we keep them coming when you're a member of EyeStorm!
Because keeping up with social media is the thing that can feel more exhausting than anything else when you run your own business. All you want to do is do your own job - which probably isn't social media management!
Overwhelm can lead you to post random stuff because you know you need to stay visible, but there's very little engagement, no energy, and no new customers.

As an EyeStorm member, you get inspiration and valuable content ideas every week and also real focus on your own business and where you want to go.

We make sure you stay focused, authentic and on track.


We have a weekly Share Day in the Facebook group, where you can share a link to what you've posted online and get the group to support you with likes, comments and more shares, great for engagement and growth!


Running your own business can feel lonely and it costs a lot of money to hire a personal business coach or social media manager.
In the EyeStorm membership group, you'll find a wonderful community of other supportive women who are in a similar situation to you.
Sharing and exploring ideas, inspiration and progress will help you stay focused with gentle accountability.

You also have direct access to Mi Elfverson (Founder of EyeStorm and The Vlog Academy) and several other Guest Speakers, so you can always ask questions and get support.

If you feel stuck, want to share a preview, discuss an idea or get advice on how to do something, this is the place to find answers and get results quickly.

Some questions and answers....

I know that you know your stuff. And you’re good. You’ve got a lot of experience and expertise and you thrive on supporting your clients with any problems they turn up with.

You’ve probably spent loads of time carefully thinking through and developing your products and services and you know your customers reap the rewards.

Physically, you could be anywhere in the world!

You’ve got a head full of knowledge and many plans in silver-lined notebooks you’ve paid too much for or have been given by friends for Christmas. You might even have a Google Sheet folder with random ideas or an Asana project on the move, but it’s full of gaps and question marks.

Perhaps it feels as if you never quite have complete control of your business, there’s no real plan or even clear goals. You know you could do this – but it’s easier with someone there to support you.

You want your business to grow. You want to feel more successful and that you achieve something valuable. But you need more clients, you need to sell more products or your service, and create a bigger buzz online. You know you need to go online, but you just can’t keep up with the whole social media shebang.

You also want to have more clarity on your content – maybe even on your true goals – and you need to feel more confident in yourself and with your voice, bringing more power to your words.

You probably feel this insecurity even more vividly in front of the camera. And is it just the camera? Or is it while networking or speaking from stage too?

Once you realise that you don’t have to be part of the whole social media and Influencer drama, you can start growing your online presence in a perfectly natural and authentic way, doing what you enjoy and do best.

Having all those lovely notes and ideas is absolutely pointless if you don’t start sharing them in a coherent way. So it’s time to get focused and get a simple structure in place, then get more active online.

‘What parts of my knowledge do I share? How much? How often? In which format do I share my content and where? I’m not techy enough!’

‘Who’s ever going to see my posts? Who’s going to want to look at me? And who will want to buy my products?’

EyeStorm is a coaching hub where we embrace each and every individual for their uniqueness. It’s a safe space, created to support you with training and weekly online handholding, so you always know what’s most important for you to focus on to stay visible and grow – at your own pace.

We work in a more holistic way to release your blocks – sometimes so deep, old and stubborn that you’d given up hope to ever be free from them.

We work on your confidence to step forward, into your ultimate power to create a buzz around you that will attract more customers.

And we ensure you have a structure in place so you can stay focussed and consistent in a way that works for you and your brand, without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

There is only one silver bullet in this training – and that’s you. And we want to bring you out to reveal your full potential, share your passion and dedication to your work, as your best self.

It’s time for you to join EyeStorm.


I’m Mi! And I’m here to coach you and see you blossom and thrive.

I started in high-end film and TV production nearly 30 years ago, and I’ve seen both blockbuster actors in front of the camera, as well as people who are so nervous they can barely speak.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first got to step inside a Hollywood studio and work with crew members from the Starwars films. Our set designer had actually been inside R2D2!

I used to find it exhilarating working with the big shots from the latest commercials, both actors and directors, and I thought it was super glamorous to go to the big opening nights and annual gala events. Until I burnt out. Completely.

I went from Stockholm to New York, then London and I eventually settled down in Brighton – well, Hove actually – where I now run my own business, on my own terms.

This is how I’ve got an understanding of the whole circumflexion of film and video production. But also of people. Nerves. Confidence. And what it means to set up and run your own busy business – while being a single mum.

And what feels more important the older I get, is that trendy new word that keps popping up within certain areas of modern marketing: Authenticity. 

And I feel I get that. I really really get it. From all those years of fake glamour, I can see straight through anything that isn’t real.

But I also strongly feel that ‘being authentic’ doesn’t have to mean being ‘naked – in tears’ all the time. It’s still necessary to be your best self – whatever that means for you, and that might take some training and practice.

I also noticed how many women were held back and lacked in confidence as soon as there was a camera in front of them.

I would be holding a corporate workshop in the city and had both men and women on the floor in front of me. As soon as I said Camera Action! all men stepped forward, while the women took a step back. Despite having the same experience, knowledge – even title.

So I formed my sub brand for women, EyeStorm, and started giving confidence training just for women. Because I could see that many women needed more time to take things in, they had different blocks, fears and questions. They needed a more holistic confidence training, which starts from the inside and works its way out.

So here we are. The shape and form and even the name of the training has shifted just slightly since I started, but the mission is the same: I want to see more confident women stepping forward.

I’ve learnt so much, I’ve grown and seen so many women grow, they’ve become amazingly confident and strong and have embraced their passion and now share their expertise with the world and nothing makes me more happy!

So I’m here for you. 100% on your side, dedicated to making you thrive and glow.

You’re always welcome to book in a quick initial chat if you want to find out if this is the best course for you, you can reach me on:

[email protected]

But I really hope to work with you if you feel this is for you.

Much love,


LOU FEATHERSTONE For RubyMoon Gym to Swim

I’m utterly thrilled I signed up to Mi’s course, I’m so thankful to her, it’s made me super motivated to get vlogging! Within two weeks of starting it, I had a whole new business, LuinLuLand, and was taking bookings!

The programme is so easy to follow, clear instructions and it really has opened up my eyes to a whole new world – thank you! I can’t recommend this course enough, it’s definitely worth the journey and the effort!

Lou Featherstone



Are you ready to step up and make things happen now?


Email: [email protected]

I look forward to working with you in the programme!

Mi Elfverson Course Tutor and Founder of The Vlog Academy

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