5 Ways to Boost Your Brand Image in Videos

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand Image in Videos

When a customer buys your product or service, they’re not just buying an item, they’re buying what your brand symbolises. Boosting your brand image will create recognition and promote customer loyalty.

So you’ve got your logo and you’ve started using your chosen colour for your Instagram and marketing posts – that’s all good, but creating a recognisable brand doesn’t quite stop at that. A brand, and everything that goes with it, isn’t a one-off experience that you create, put out into the world and then hope for the best. It takes consistent effort to keep your brand image relevant.

So how can you create brand recognition, including in your videos?

First of all, there are many important factors to consider when you’re creating an effective brand image. Keeping your brand relevant and recognisable will require smart strategies and concise planning. Read on to find 5 effective ways to boost your current brand image and applying it on your videos.

Tip Number 1: Evaluate Your Current Values

To put it plainly, branding is the message you broadcast to the world. Do an audit-type check on your website, logo, advertising, social media platforms and general marketing strategies and check if these avenues are still aligned with the initial values of your company.

You and your brand need to show up in line with your brand values – and hopefully your brand is in-line with your own personal values, as this will make it a lot easier for you to step forward and speak up!

So think through everything that goes into that small frame of yours in the video, from location to the words you use. If you’re an exclusive interior design business, well, then you might actually have to rent an exclusive design flat to film your videos in.

If you’re a health and fitness coach, then you will need to look and feel the part – sitting in a bar with a pint of lager in front of you = bad idea!

If you’re in the sustainability field, you need to avoid plastic bottles and mass manufactured garments from the other side of the world in shot. Plastic water bottles, Starbucks cups, Coca Cola, Amazon boxes, Primark clothes – leave them out.

If for instance, you’re selling old used laptops for cash, ensure that you’re marketing, and advertising strategies are geared toward that specific market

There are many ways to boost recognition in your videos, even using the brand colour on your top, having a cup in the right style and colour, flowers, backdrop or a pair of ear-rings. Don’t over-do things, but a subtle colour recognition can go further than people think. Just look at politicians who would never wear the opposition colour on their tie!

You can also integrate your colours, fonts and logo into your videos. This is done in post-production, in the edit. You can hire the service, but if you’re even the slightest tech-savvy, it doesn’t have to be too complicated and you can do it yourself, even on your mobile phone (you can learn how to do this in some of our courses).

Tip Number 2: Simplify Your Target Market

When you’re out there boosting your brand image, it’s important to remember that your organisation won’t be for everyone. But don’t pay too much attention to those who don’t find the need for your products or services. Focus on your target market. Don’t try and encompass other target markets in an attempt to “catch more fish.”

Once you have identified your target market, focus all your branding and market strategies on providing this niche with the best your brand has to offer. Streamline your target market by offering specialised products or services.

Meeting your target market where they hang out is another way to keep your brand relevant. Serving a specific demographic will give your brand image a much-needed boost.

If for instance, you’re an executive leadership coach, ensure that you’re marketing and advertising strategies are geared toward this specific audience, and not towards teenagers looking for makeup tips. You need to speak directly to that one person, who we call an “Avatar”, the person who will be interested in your services, your ideal customer. Forget about the rest of the world.

It’s better to have a smaller engaged audience, than to have a million followers who aren’t listening.

Tip Number 3: Use Quality Visuals

If you’re running your own small company, you’re without a doubt the face of your brand. Back in the day, dull and simplified headshots were the order of the day. But, images similar to those in your passport will never convey you or your brand’s personality.

Instead, if you’re using your or your employees’ photos in your advertising, ensure you use professional quality images. They need to reflect your company’s personality and easily distinguish you from your competitors. Your product images should align with your brand and make it instantly recognisable.

As for your videos, the beauty is in your message! So this is why we encourage you to create your own regular videos yourself to feed your audience on a regular basis. Step forward and share your expertise – and again – really get to know your ideal customer’s needs, so you can help them and show that you’re there for them. However, we also recommend you get some professional videos made to upload onto your different platforms, as this will enhance your brand image.

If you don’t want to film your videos yourself, we can of course come and do it for you!

Stay tuned for the 5 Most Important Videos you should have on your Website.

Tip Number 4: Embrace the Social Media Environment

It has never been easier to get your brand out there or even boost an existing brand image. With the variety of social media platforms, camera phones and devices, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and video streaming are only a few of the scenes your brand needs to be trending on. But of course, we know that video is the most powerful marketing tool of all.

Social Media algorithms promote video content more than anything else, which means that creating more videos will grow your business quicker than anything else.

And don’t forget to meet your target audience where they hang out, whether it’s Linkedin or Pinterest, don’t waste your time on platforms they’re not active on.

If you have the power to spread far and wide on many platforms, this can create the sense that your brand is popular and relevant. You want potential customers to say, “Yes, I see that brand everywhere, they must be worth looking into”, but you don’t want to spread yourself think trying to cover everything, so focus on the platforms you enjoy most and understand for a start.

Tip Number 5: Create and Collaborate

Aside from regularly showing up on video, you can also engage your brand in high-profile events or partner up with people who align with your values and target market.

People love watching interviews and co-hosted shows. So you can pull in high-profile collaborators, who could give your own brand a boost.

Invite the owners of these companies to join you live at an event, or live-stream it. When times allow, arrange events that the community can engage in and use your social media platforms to advertise and promote these events. You can live-steam the event or film it to share later. Share the link on your website and upload the video to YouTube and other social media.

You can also invest in quality event marketing software to help you plan your occasion.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to boosting your brand image, do your research and create a strategy that makes your defined target audience sit up and take note. Keep your brand consistent but your strategies continuously evolving. Activities and campaigns that boost your brand image should be at the top of all your marketing plans.

A positive and effective brand image will give your organisation relevance in your current and potential customer’s minds. Boosting your brand image isn’t a one size fits all approach, it will take an array of nuanced tasks on your behalf to do it successfully!

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