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If you’re a in business you probably know it by now – you’ve got to show up online!

And video is the most powerful online marketing tool of all to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field and stay top of mind.  If you want to connect with your audience, reach more people, create a deeper impression and sign up more customers, nothing is quicker than video.

It’s also your fastest way to convey information and to demonstrate a process.

So if you haven’t started – let’s get you vlogging!

Video training with the Vlog Academy

What is the 5-Day Vlock Buster?

The 5-Day Vlock Buster is a friendly video practice for people in business who want to take their vlogging to the next level.
You can use your smartphone or a videocamera, it doesn’t matter.

A Vlock is simply a ‘Vlog Block’ – the fear of going in front of the camera – so let’s bust your vlocks!

Who is it for?

This video practice is perfect for coaches, consultants, creatives and just about anyone who wants to step up their game.
You’ll be part of a group of other supportive people who are looking to enhance their camera confidence and get vlogging.

How does it work?

Mi Elfverson, Vlog Coach

Mi Elfverson is a Brighton based vlog coach, video producer, brand photographer and the founder of The Vlog Academy.

Mi has been working in the industries for 30 years and seen both mega celebrities in front of the camera, as well as people who are completely new to the game. 

Mi has become a well-known expert in the vlog-niche, an educator, speaker and a supporter of women’s empowerment.

With a very charismatic and friendly personality, she teaches clients worldwide how to feel more relaxed both in front and behind the camera and how to step forward as the best version of themselves.

Reviews by previous
Vlock Buster graduates

Doing the "Vlock Buster" has been the best move I have made towards creating a video presence online - it's quite literally been a game changer!

Mi has an engaging way of explaining and demonstrating with humour and clarity and she obviously knows her stuff and the input has been absolute gold-dust!

I cannot recommend Mi highly enough to anyone wanting to become capable and confident with video.
Helen Z
Like many other Gen-X women I was neither comfortable nor confident in front of a camera, and knew that I needed some help to create videos that would engage and connect with my potential customers. And WOW, did Mi's training give me that help!

I came away from the course feeling comfortable and more at ease at being in front of the camera than I ever thought possible and would totally recommend this course to anyone wanting to do the same.
Rosi V

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